Frequent questions

Unlike other car rental sites, Car Rental Outlet connects directly to the tenant's offer inventories calculating the best cost / benefit including the largest amount of insurance available.

The algorithm includes the largest possible amount of insurance which is indicated at the time of calculating the cost, in addition to this, taxes are always added, for which you have a total certainty of what you will pay finally. The legal conditions may vary depending on the country and the contracting leasing company.

Normally the necessary documents are the same in all countries: official identification, valid driver's license and a credit card for a temporary security lock. Preferably you must be older than 25 years since some lessors may demand the payment of an additional risk insurance for drivers under 25 years of age.

It is possible to make the reservation on behalf of a companion who can meet the requirements. You can present your credit card while a companion presents your license and official identification. If you or any of your companions complete the documents, it will be impossible for them to take the vehicle.

If possible, you should bear in mind that this generates additional costs for each kilometer or mile away. Each lessor can handle slightly different policies but usually that is the norm. You can request this information from one of our advisors or directly with the lessor when you take the car.

Our platform always includes unlimited mileage. Exceptionally, certain locations, lessors and / or units may not offer unlimited mileage, but the algorithm lets you know when the unit and the price are displayed.

When the car is taken, an amount of security is blocked that starts when the vehicle is taken and is released upon return. The amount varies according to the category of the service from approximately $ 750 USD. In some cases it can decrease up to $ 150 USD when contracting additional policies at the counter. The foregoing may vary according to the policies of each lessor or country.

Our advisors are available to guide you and assist you in any inconvenience that may arise with a lessor. Our platform guarantees the location, reservation and effective contracting of the vehicle in the inventory system of the best qualified companies, but we can not guarantee 100% that the service is fulfilled in time and form in the selected leasing company.                             

Some locations are forced to make last minute adjustments to their inventories due to accidents or mechanical unforeseen with the units. The probability of this type of situation occurring is greater in seasons of high demand.                             

We advise you to inform yourself about the tourist occupation of the country or city you plan to visit and try to have a mobility plan B if you are high.