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    • Disclaimer of responsibility by CAR RENTAL OUTLET.
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    • Definitions.
    • Declarations.
    • Use of the Website.
    • Customer Responsibility.
    • Reservation Policies.
    • Payment Policies.
    • Change, Cancellation and / or Reimbursement Policies.
    • Copyright.
    • Regulations and Conditions of the Automobile Rental Service.
    • Definitions.
    • Declarations.

For the purposes of the Terms and Conditions set forth herein, the following definitions shall be understood: INTERMEDIARY.- Electronic Reservations of Mexico, S.A. de C.V., who through the provision of their services intervenes as a link between THE PROVIDER and THE CLIENT with respect to car rental in the form of daily rent. Hereinafter referred to as CAR RENTAL OUTLET®. WEBSITE:, is the internet page that works as a search engine; whereby, Electronic Reservations of Mexico, S.A. of C.V. provides its intermediation services so that THE PROVIDER gives directly and in favor of THE CLIENT the rental of a car under the modality of daily rent. RESERVATIONS CENTER: It is the telephone reservation center that CAR RENTAL OUTLET® makes available to THE CLIENT so that by this means it can carry out the contracting of the car rental reservations service. PROVIDER: It is the commercial partner of CAR RENTAL OUTLET®, natural or legal person, who directly provides the rental service by physically delivering said vehicle to THE CLIENT during a certain period of time and under the conditions that it contracts. and / or acquire through the intermediation and booking engine services provided by CAR RENTAL OUTLET® on its WEBSITE. CLIENT: It is the natural person who, for reasons of utility or convenience, visits the website or communicates with the telephone reservation center in order to make use of the intermediation service and the CAR RENTAL OUTLET® reservation engine. with the ultimate purpose of providing for itself and in lease, to that is granted directly by THE PROVIDER.

CAR RENTAL OUTLET® declares under protest to tell the truth: I.- To be a commercial company duly constituted in accordance with Mexican laws. II.- That it has authorization from the Communications and Transportation Secretariat to provide rental services, likewise it is registered before the Tax Authorities with the Federal Register of Taxpayers number REM120118936. III.- That his address is located in 25th Street. 129A x 30 and 32 Col. Buenavista Mérida, Yucatán C.P. 97127 IV.- What part of its corporate purpose is the generation and commercialization of car reservations; whereby it acts as an intermediary to make the reservation of the car rental service, provides the information service and disseminates the material propaganda of this nature. V.- That for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, only acts as an INTERMEDIARY between THE PROVIDER and THE CLIENT and that for such purpose, has the technical and administrative capacity as well as the necessary human and material resources to reserve for account and request of THE CLIENT the service referred to in these Terms and Conditions.

THE CUSTOMER declares under protest to tell the truth: I. - That being a natural person, it appears by its own and personal right and being to moral person it appears in its legal representative but in both cases it has the full legal capacity to be obligated to be of legal age or, for having the necessary faculties; Likewise, I have had the financial capacity to respond for the contracted here. II.- That it is interested in acquiring the services of intermediation and / or car rental reservation provided by CAR RENTAL OUTLET®, which are detailed on the WEBSITE and by telephone from the RESERVATION CENTER, services that are provided under the present Terms and Conditions . III.- That it recognizes that the services provided by CAR RENTAL OUTLET® through its WEB SITE and / or RESERVATION CENTER, consist UNIQUE AND EXLUSIVELY IN THE INTERMEDIATION BETWEEN THE PROVIDER AND THE CLIENT. IV.- That based on the Definitions and Declarations that precede, UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT these Terms and Conditions:

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to specify the services CAR RENTAL OUTLET® provides through its WEBSITE and / or RESERVATION CENTER; its review and update is periodic; However, this content is presented without explicit or implied warranty. CAR RENTAL OUTLET® reserves the right to modify the information contained herein when it is necessary and without prior notice, and may even limit or not allow access to such information. The service that CAR RENTAL OUTLET® provides is as INTERMEDIARY between THE PROVIDER and THE CLIENT.

The information that CAR RENTAL OUTLET® offers on its platforms is valid at the moment of its quotation, THE CLIENT may insure the rates, terms and conditions that it has consulted only in case of reserving the desired service, making the payment and being granted a number confirmation, otherwise accept that these may vary. The car rental reservation service provided by CAR RENTAL OUTLET® is subject to the following policies:     THE CUSTOMER may make the reservation and payment process through the WEBSITE on his / her own account, or contact the RESERVATION CENTER for more personalized attention; Once the payment is made, a confirmation sheet will be sent to you via e-mail in which an alphanumeric sheet is inserted, the details of the contract service and THE PROVIDER to whom this reservation has been assigned, THE CLIENT has the obligation to present this document in the module of THE PROVIDER so that you can be delivered the vehicle you requested.     THE CUSTOMER, at his / her discretion, may make the total payment of the required services to CAR RENTAL OUTLET or a partial amount as an advance payment, being obliged to settle the difference at the moment of receiving the vehicle in the module assigned to him.     THE CUSTOMER acknowledges being aware that the following are essential requisites for obtaining a car under lease:     
• Be 25 years old; in case of having less than 25 but being older than 21 years, the lease may be granted applying a supplementary charge for young driver, which varies according to the policies of each of the CAR RENTAL OUTLET® alliances. Under no circumstances will car rental be authorized to a person under 21 years of age.     
• Have a valid Driver's License issued by any national or international competent authority at least one year before the lease date.     
• Have official identification in force (Credential to vote with photo in case of Mexican citizens and Passport for foreigners).     
• To have a valid, personalized VISA, Master Card or American Express credit card, with numbers in relief and issued at least one year old, credit cards issued by department stores are not accepted; sufficient credit limit to cover independently in each car rental from $ 12,000.00 MN (Twelve Thousand Pesos Zero Cents, National Currency) in the lease of the "Autos" category and from $ 15,000.00 M.N. (Fifteen Thousand Pesos Zero Centavos, National Currency) in the lease of the category of "Trucks".     
THE CUSTOMER is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and the documents displayed, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® reserves the right to provide the car rental reservation service if THE CLIENT omits any of the requirements before indicated, there is a well-founded fear that the information you have provided is false or when THE PROVIDER does not consider it prudent for reasons that put your rights and assets or those of THE CLIENT at risk.     
In case of confirming a reservation, CAR RENTAL OUTLET®, guarantees in favor of THE CLIENT that the car delivered will include the following services:     
• Unlimited Mileage.
• Collision Damage Insurance (With Deductible).
• Theft Insurance (With Deductible).
• Insurance for damages caused to third parties.
• Occupant Medical Expenses Insurance.
• An Additional Driver Without Cost.
• Legal Assistance Service.

Optionally, THE CUSTOMER may contract additional services with THE PROVIDER, the correct provision of those services or, if applicable, the claims for non-compliance or deficiencies thereof must be made directly by THE CLIENT with the SUPPLIER, demarcating CAR RENTAL OUTLET® from such breaches or deficiencies     When requesting a reservation for the rental of a car, THE CUSTOMER provides CAR RENTAL OUTLET® with written or verbal information of his credit card and expressly grants him the faculty to make all the necessary collections at the moment of confirm the reservation in the terms and terms that you have requested, for which THE CUSTOMER reiterates to know and accept these Terms and Conditions. Once THE CUSTOMER has paid to CAR RENTAL OUTLET®, the car rental services expressly authorize CAR RENTAL OUTLET® to contract the services offered by THE PROVIDER on his behalf, accepting to abide by the guidelines of use that the SUPPLIER offers. provide. CAR RENTAL OUTLET® will make the reservation in the terms, categories and terms indicated by THE CLIENT; however, it reserves the right to assign such reservation to THE PROVIDER that has better availability. A reservation will be considered completed when the corresponding charge has been applied and THE CLIENT has a sheet or confirmation number; therefore, this will be guaranteed under the terms and term requested ending the service provided by CAR RENTAL OUTLET® in its capacity as INTERMEDIARY. THE CUSTOMER understands and accepts that after the conclusion of CAR RENTAL OUTLET® services, THE PROVIDER may make additional charges for various reasons and concepts, including, but not limited to, charges for exceeding the term granted for the lease, return of the vehicle at the office different from the one indicated, collection of guarantees or deductibles in case of loss, etc.; these additional charges will not be the responsibility of CAR RENTAL OUTLET®. In case you require a change in the conditions you made your reservation or cancellation as the case may be, THE CLIENT must contact the RESERVATION CENTER and have the confirmation number, which is an essential requirement for any clarification, is suggested read in detail the CHANGES, CANCELLATION AND / OR REIMBURSEMENT POLICIES that are detailed below.     

CAR RENTAL OUTLET® accepts as means of payment:
• VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards, which must have been issued by the Banking Institution in favor of THE CLIENT at least one year prior to the requested reservation date (those issued by or with reference to departmental stores are excluded) ), be personalized and have the numbers in relief.     
• BANK TRANSFER to the account number that is provided to you from the RESERVATION CENTER or by email and from which CAR RENTAL OUTLET® IS HOLDER. The rates published on the WEBSITE are referenced in PESOS MEXICANOS and their collection will be made in PESOS MEXICANOS; When the payment is made through foreign currency, the total amount of the transaction will be converted to PESOS MEXICANOS at the exchange rate published by the Bank of Mexico and which will be in force on the date of the transaction. In the case of payment by credit card, it is important that THE CUSTOMER considers that at the time of receiving his statement there may be a variation due to the international fluctuation of the currency exchange rate, THE CUSTOMER understands and accepts that CAR RENTAL OUTLET® does not is responsible for this fluctuation. Once the contract conditions required by THE CUSTOMER have been confirmed, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® will immediately charge the credit card provided by THE CUSTOMER with the amount corresponding to the services it has contracted and will be shown on its account statement with the caption "CAR RENTAL OUTLET® ". The payment will be total when THE CLIENT pays the integral cost of the car lease and partial when it only covers the payment for the deposit concept; In the case of partial payment, THE CUSTOMER is obliged to cover the amounts that are missing, in the module of THE PROVIDER and prior to the delivery of the vehicle. In the event that THE CUSTOMER contracts CAR RENTAL OUTLET® services on behalf of a third party, even when dealing with travel agencies, hotels or any third party, or if the CLIENT contracts them in favor of third parties, it is the CLIENT's obligation to make the knowledge of the aforementioned subjects these Terms and Conditions, which will invariably be subject to these provisions. CAR RENTAL OUTLET® disclaims any responsibility or problem generated by the breach or omission of the person who acted as an intermediary and in the same sense, by the erroneous or omitted data for the reservation of the car rental service, or by negligence in which this intermediary could incur by omitting information to the final Client about the procedures of contracting, payment and cancellation of the services that are acquired. In case of requiring Electronic Fiscal Invoice (CFDI), THE CUSTOMER must enter the electronic address, enter the data indicated and it will be sent via email. It is important to mention that due to the fiscal dispositions in force, the invoices will be elaborated after generating the payment. CAR RENTAL OUTLET® will only issue invoices that cover amounts that have actually been paid; In the case of advance payment, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® will grant an invoice that covers said amount and THE CLIENT must request from THE PROVIDER the invoice (s) that correspond to the payments made, the complementary payment of the service or any another additional charge charged by THE PROVIDER will be billed directly by him.

Any request for change in the conditions and characteristics of the car required, modification of the term contracted for the lease, as well as requests for cancellation and / or refund should be made by email to or by telephone to CAR RENTAL OUTLET® RESERVATION CENTER.     THE CUSTOMER understands and accepts that the changes, either to request a car of greater or lesser category, to extend or reduce the contracted term, change of city to collect or return the vehicle and, in general, all those requests that are intended to perform changes in the original contract conditions depend on the availability of the PROVIDER; Therefore, the request that THE CLIENT makes to CAR RENTAL OUTLET® does not imply the guarantee that said changes will be made.     Cancellations and / or refunds will be subject to the following conditions:     
• When THE CUSTOMER requests the cancellation of a reservation with less than 48 hours before the fixed term for the delivery of the vehicle, the payments made for the deposit will not be reimbursed; When you have pre-paid 100% of the reservation, a fee equivalent to 30% of the amount paid for administrative expenses will be applied and the remaining 70% will be refunded by an electronic wallet in favor of THE CLIENT with a balance to please for future reservations.     
• When THE CUSTOMER requests the cancellation of a reservation within 48 hours of the term established for the delivery of the vehicle, the total amount paid by an electronic purse in favor of the customer will be reimbursed. THE CLIENT with a credit balance for future reservations.     
• When THE CUSTOMER returns the vehicle that was granted in a lease within a period shorter than the one originally contracted, they will not be refundable on the days that THE CLIENT has stopped using the car. The staff of the module where the vehicle is delivered may under no circumstances reduce the contracted days and as a result may not adjust or refund the amounts that THE CLIENT has paid to CAR RENTAL OUTLET®. • The payments made will not be refundable when THE CLIENT has not shown up to pick up the assigned car within the term indicated (NO SHOW). In case of substitution of THE PROVIDER, the lease will be provided by another that offers an equivalent quality or, when there is a change in the granted vehicle, THE PROVIDER will offer another of equal quality. In both cases, the use of the service will be tacitly understood as acceptance and compliance by THE CLIENT with respect to such modifications and no claim, compensation or refund will proceed.     The total reimbursement will not be appropriate in situations in which the car lease has to be canceled, interrupted and / or postponed by CAR RENTAL OUTLET® for reasons beyond its control or situations of force majeure or fortuitous event, such as, weather, hurricane, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, etc. and in which the contractual obligations of CAR RENTAL OUTLET® with its alliances do not allow it to obtain reimbursement of the amount paid or to be paid to THE PROVIDER on behalf of THE CLIENT. In any case, at the discretion of CAR RENTAL OUTLET®, a percentage of the total amount paid for the reservation may be retained as an administrative expense. Despite the close communication established between CAR RENTAL OUTLET® and its alliances, there is the possibility that the validity of some prices has expired or comes from information erroneously provided by said Suppliers. Notwithstanding this, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® takes the precaution to check the rates that apply with each reservation. In case the correct price is less than the quoted amount, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® will apply the lower amount. In case the correct price is greater than the quoted amount, an assigned Reservations Executive will contact the CLIENT in a timely manner, informing him of the correct amount or registering the cancellation of the reservation at his request for not agreeing with the increase in price, expressly delimiting CAR RENTAL OUTLET® and its alliances from any liability or indemnity payment for inconveniences caused by said cancellation. In the event that the contracted car rental service can not be partially or totally provided by THE PROVIDER, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® may only occasionally, on behalf of THE CLIENT, manage the refund of the amount that may be applicable, and CAR RENTAL OUTLET® of any responsibility or greater commitment in the cases in which the refund for the total or remaining amount is not reimbursed by THE PROVIDER.     

"CAR RENTAL OUTLET®", "CRS: CAR RENTAL SYSTEMS", the CAR RENTAL OUTLET logo, the domain, among others, are trademarks registered or in process of registration for exclusive use of Electronic Reservations of Mexico, Limited Company of Variable Capital. The other concepts contained in the WEBSITE, mentioning, without limitation, the other brands, slogans, advertising phrases, icons, logos, trade names, patents, utility models and commercial methods, customer portfolio, source codes, software, computer programs , mobile applications, etc. constitute Copyright, Industrial Property and / or Intellectual Property that are registered or in the process of being registered by Reservaciones Electrónicas de México, Sociedad Variable Capital, of its alliances, affiliates or third parties and were provided for use on the WEBSITE, for this reason CAR RENTAL OUTLET® has the respective authorizations and / or license and therefore THE CLIENT can not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, publish, modify , transmit or distribute said rights or the content of this website without prior written authorization from CAR RE NTAL OUTLET®, except in those cases in which THE CLIENT downloads to view and print the material that is contained in this Site or that has been sent to him via email by CAR RENTAL OUTLET® staff, in both cases, THE CLIENT may only and exclusively use it for his personal use, always including the caption "© RESERVACIONES ELECTRONICAS DE MEXICO SA DE C.V. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2014. ". In view of the foregoing, the use of the services that CAR RENTAL OUTLET® provides, may NOT be considered by THE CLIENT as a permit, license or right to use any of the brands, logos, icons, slogans, advertising phrases or other aspects that imply Copyright, Industrial Property and / or Intellectual Property without the prior written consent of CAR RENTAL OUTLET® or, where applicable, the owners of such rights; It is strictly forbidden to use them in any other medium and / or application that is not allowed by CAR RENTAL OUTLET®, whether for commercial purposes or not. THE CUSTOMER agrees not to alter any of the elements of the WEBSITE, whether they are in the process of registration or are owned by CAR RENTAL OUTLET® and / or its alliances; The action will not be allowed in any way that could impair, denigrate or diminish CAR RENTAL OUTLET® rights. THE CLIENT undertakes not to use CAR RENTAL OUTLET® trademarks or trade names as domain names or register them as part of a domain name, or to place them as part of Internet Advertising without the prior written consent of CAR RENTAL OUTLET ®. CAR RENTAL OUTLET® reserves the right to monitor the quality of the use of its Industrial Property, and will notify the Client immediately in writing if it is aware of the existence of any violation of its Copyright, Industrial Property and / or of Intellectual Property.     In accordance with the Industrial Property Law in force for the United Mexican States, any inappropriate use of the content of this site is subject to administrative sanctions and may even represent the commission of criminal acts punishable by imprisonment in consequence of a violation of the Industrial Property Laws, Mexican and / or foreign, of International Treaties as well as rights consigned in the Civil, Penal and Commerce Code. If THE CLIENT incurs any inappropriate use of the content and Industrial Property of this site, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® will have the right to require that you stop using, modifying, transmitting, reproducing, publishing and / or downloading the content that violates the rights of Property CAR RENTAL OUTLET® Industrial; may require you to establish an adequate use of your Industrial Property rights or may initiate the necessary legal procedures to defend your Industrial Property rights.     THE CLIENT agrees to agree that the suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, proposals for improvements, new schemes or any other information that forms on this site grants CAR RENTAL OUTLET® the non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable right and with total sublicense right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute and display such content in any form, medium or technology. CAR RENTAL OUTLET® is not responsible or liable for any content that is presented by THE CLIENT.     

THE CUSTOMER understands and accepts that the various suppliers that make up the CAR RENTAL OUTLET® business alliances have policies, regulations and conditions established for the use and enjoyment of the car rental service hired by THE CLIENT through CAR RENTAL intermediation. OUTLET®. THE CUSTOMER undertakes to respect and comply with the provisions established by THE PROVIDER to whom his reservation has been assigned. CAR RENTAL OUTLET® makes the CUSTOMER aware of the most important policies, regulations, and / or conditions; however, THE PROVIDER may inform you of new conditions to lease the car, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® has no direct or indirect relationship in the additions that THE SUPPLIER makes to its internal policies; therefore, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® declines any responsibility that could derive from the breach of these new provisions.     

The CAR RENTAL OUTLET® WEBSITE contains links to various social networking pages, including:     
• Facebook, with username CAR RENTAL OUTLET.     
• Twitter, with username @ mexicocarrental.     
• Youtube, with username MéxicoCarRental.     
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• Google+, with username CAR RENTAL OUTLET.
The above pages are managed directly by CAR RENTAL OUTLET®, THE CLIENT acknowledges that these pages are exclusively for informative use and social dissemination of CAR RENTAL OUTLET® and the services it provides. CAR RENTAL OUTLET® will not be responsible for the content, information, third-party publication, comments, photographs, videos, content with hashtag or any other content outside the direct administration of CAR RENTAL OUTLET®, nor will it be responsible for the material that THE CLIENT or any third party share and that is outside the administration of CAR RENTAL OUTLET® that represents or may represent infringements of the Copyright, Industrial Property and / or Intellectual Property. THE CUSTOMER is responsible for the use made of the aforementioned sites and, in general, for internet browsing, freeing CAR RENTAL OUTLET® of any responsibility for any incorrect or malicious use thereof, as well as comments, publications, information , and any type of material that could be offensive, insidious, erroneous, pornographic, that incites to violence, rebellion, strike or any activity not allowed by law and good customs. Likewise, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® will not be responsible for the information contained within the social networks to which THE CLIENT accesses and which is not managed by CAR RENTAL OUTLET®.     

The team of collaborators of CAR RENTAL OUTLET® has focused its efforts to offer the most modern and up-to-date technology in order to offer the greatest possible security; However, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® will not be responsible, nor does it assume any responsibility for any damage caused by spam, malware, trojan, viruses or similar that may infect your computer, mobile device or any other property of THE CLIENT due to access, use or navigation of the WEBSITE, or by downloading any material, data, text, image, video or audio from it. In no case CAR RENTAL OUTLET® will be responsible for any injury, damage, loss, loss, claim or any special, punitive, indirect, incidental, negligent, or unlawful damage that results from any use of this WEBSITE or the content here is found, of any failure or delay derived from the impossibility of using any resource of this site for the services of consultation, reservation, payment or the operation or non-functioning of the systems of THE PROVIDER, citing enunciatively the non-functioning result of the bankruptcy , reorganization, dissolution or liquidation.     
As previously mentioned, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® provides its services in INTERMEDIARY quality between THE CLIENT and the direct PROVIDER of the car rental service promoted on the WEBSITE. By virtue of the above, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® has established commercial alliances ensuring high quality standards in the car leasing service, choosing only the most qualified and prestigious suppliers in the market. However, since the legal nature of CAR RENTAL OUTLET® is that of serving solely as an INTERMEDIARY and not as a direct provider of car leasing services. CAR RENTAL OUTLET® does not assume or assume any responsibility generated from any relationship to THE CLIENT and the final service providers and in turn THE CLIENT releases CAR RENTAL OUTLET® from any liability in the event of any failure or non-compliance by THE SUPPLIER in your character as a direct lender of the car leasing service; however, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® may, at its discretion, provide THE CLIENT with the contact details and / or address of THE PROVIDER in order to exercise the respective claim or go to the claim route it deems necessary. CAR RENTAL OUTLET® as a Car Rental Reservations Center and as an INTERMEDIARY, does not offer or offer any guarantee regarding the services provided directly by THE PROVIDER, nor guarantees the financial position thereof or any refund to THE CLIENT caused by any loss experienced as a result of the financial condition of said Supplier, including, without limitation, the economic insolvency, or commercial insolvency in which it was declared. In the event that THE PROVIDER fails to comply with any of its services, for which THE CLIENT has made the payment, the only recourse of reimbursement shall be processed directly before THE PROVIDER or any third party who has breached the provision of their services or have provided them poorly; Or, you can apply for insurance coverage if applicable. In this sense, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® does not assume any responsibility whatsoever before THE CUSTOMER and this releases CAR RENTAL OUTLET® from any liability for acts, omissions or any type of complaint or dissatisfaction arising from the products or services advertised on the WEBSITE. , social networks or any other means directly managed by THE PROVIDER by virtue of its relationship with CAR RENTAL OUTLET® is strictly commercial and has no control or legal relationship over its personnel, equipment, operation or assets. In those situations in which THE PROVIDER fails to provide its services THE CLIENT may attempt any recourse permitted by the applicable laws against THE PROVIDER.     CAR RENTAL OUTLET® guarantees that it has high service standards and will take special care in the selection of suppliers to avoid non-compliance by them at all times.     Likewise CAR RENTAL OUTLET® will not be liable and THE CLIENT releases him from any responsibility in respect to:
• The accuracy of the photographs shown on the WEBSITE since they are only illustrative and do not guarantee that the car that is granted in lease is exactly the same as it is appreciated and / or described.     
• The category of automobiles, as they are based on the interpretation of CAR RENTAL OUTLET® and THE PROVIDER and may differ from the categories reported elsewhere.     
• Any type of failure on the part of THE CUSTOMER to obtain the required documentation for his car lease, citing but not limited to, a valid driver's license, a credit card that meets the requirements previously indicated and an identification official (Credential to vote with a photograph or valid Passport).     
• Any omission on the part of THE CLIENT to follow the leasing instructions including, but not limited to, the delivery and return times of the vehicle that generates or may generate additional charges.     
• Due to lack of financial conditions by THE PROVIDER to provide the service.     
• Regarding the policies, regulations and conditions imposed by THE PROVIDER, THE CUSTOMER releases CAR RENTAL OUTLET from any liability as well as any claim, cost, expense or loss that THE CLIENT may suffer including any personal injury or injury. third parties, accidents or deaths, damage to personal belongings, anger, disappointment, anguish or frustration, either mental or physical, when they derive as a result of:     
I.- Any action or omission on the part of THE PROVIDER when providing the car rental service.     
II.- Any action or omission on the part of THE CUSTOMER at the moment of enjoying the rental service of the car that he has hired.     
III.- Any failure or lack of THE CLIENT to observe or comply with the Terms and Conditions, policies, instructions, recommendations, security measures, etc. that THE PROVIDER has established for the use and enjoyment of the car rental service. .     
IV.- Cases of force majeure or fortuitous cases such as: strikes, delays, earthquakes, wars, hurricanes, snowfall, etc., that are not attributable to CAR RENTAL OUTLET®.     
V.- Acts or omissions of people outside of CAR RENTAL OUTLET®.     
VI.- Illness, theft, labor disputes, mechanical failures, quarantine, governmental actions, weather, or any other cause beyond the direct control of CAR RENTAL OUTLET®.     
VII.- THE CLIENT will be responsible for reading and abiding by the terms and conditions and / or policies of the final service providers.     
VIII.- In case of repairs made to the automobile by THE CLIENT or any third party without the express authorization of THE PROVIDER.     
The cases listed above are cited in an enunciative manner, which is why CAR RENTAL OUTLET® is demarcated from any case analogous to those already mentioned.     

In accordance with the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, all data that is provided by THE CLIENT will be treated confidentially, for greater clarity of data privacy policies, we make available to you our NOTICE OF PRIVACY, which is hereby reproduced as if the letter were inserted forming an integral part of these terms and conditions.     

CAR RENTAL OUTLET® may terminate these Terms and Conditions and / or its intermediary status in the car rental reservation service at any time without the need to notify or notify such termination, for any reason or reason, including by any inappropriate use of this site or your breach of these Terms and Conditions. However, such termination will not affect any right or obligation contracted by CAR RENTAL OUTLET® before THE CLIENT once a reservation has been confirmed.     

CAR RENTAL OUTLET® may eventually offer additional services or programs or added value to its customers, for which new terms and conditions may be established, the CLIENT subscription to these services and / or programs and in any case , the use of the same implies the full acceptance of those terms and conditions that are additionally applied to the multiple services and / or programs. THE CLIENT has the obligation to read the terms and conditions applied specifically to each program.     

The translated versions of these terms, conditions and, if applicable, the notices, whether printed or notified electronically, are provided solely for the purpose of facilitating the reading and understanding of the Spanish versions. The purpose of providing the translated versions is not to create a legal link and / or be a substitute for the legal validity of the English versions. In case of any dispute or conflict, the Spanish versions of the contracts and other documents, whether printed or not, will in any case govern the relationship between the parties and prevail over the terms in any other language.     

The present Terms and Conditions, the contracts, specific agreements, programs and other documents that derive from it are the product of the good faith of the parties and represent the entire agreement between CAR RENTAL OUTLET® and THE CLIENT and replaces any previous agreement concluded between the parties, whether written or verbal; the use that THE CLIENT or its users make of the intermediation services that CAR RENTAL OUTLET® offers expressly declares the total acceptance of the Terms and Conditions stipulated herein. THE CUSTOMER expressly states that they have read them in full, be aware of the content and scope, CAR RENTAL OUTLET® reserves the right to modify them at any time, add new terms and / or conditions regarding the access and use that THE CLIENT makes of the service. These modifications or additions will be in writing and reflected on the WEBSITE, the use that THE CLIENT continues to make of the service will imply the full acceptance of said modifications or additions coming into force immediately.         

These Terms and Conditions as well as all other documents and agreements that emanate from it will be governed by the Mexican Legislation; in the event of any controversy as to its interpretation and compliance, as well as for everything not foreseen therein, the parties expressly agree to submit themselves in the first instance to the competence of the Federal Consumer Procurator's Office as a conciliatory instance by the administrative way to resolve any conflict that may arise, which in case of subsisting, THE CLIENT agrees to be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the city of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico for irrevocably waives the jurisdiction that by reason for their domicile or jurisdiction, present or future may correspond. THE CUSTOMER agrees that a printed version of this document or any notice given by electronic means will be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings that are based on or relate to these Terms and Conditions to the same degree, subject to the same conditions as the other documents and business records originally generated and kept in printed format.     

Last revision November 10, 2015.